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The Giving Dashboard lets you see information about giving trends and recent donations at a glance. Use the dashboard to view donations, new donors, campuses, and labels or funds used in the date range you select at the top.


The goal of the dashboard is to show the number of donations collected on a given day, week, month, or year. Donations in an uncommitted batch or in transit will be included in the Dashboard totals. If you want a report of only successful donations, go to the By Donation tab.

The Giving dashboard is shown in the Reports tab on the Dashboard tab.

  1. Choose which campuses to include in the data. If you don't have donations assigned to campuses, make sure Unassigned is chosen.

  2. This date range limits the data you're looking at to a specific period in time. The whole dashboard changes once a different date is selected.

  3. Generate a CSV or PDF containing every donation within the date range.

Once your filters are in place, view the data based on those filters.

  1. View the total donations received during the date range.

  2. Set the interval of time you'd like to view donation data on the chart.

  3. Donors are broken down into donors who gave for the first time and donors who had a recurring donation processed.

  4. Donations are broken down into payment methods and sources.

  5. Set the view you'd like to see: how much money was given, the number of donations given, or the average given through each method or source.


Donations are shown on the dashboard as soon as they're initiated.

  • Credit and debit card donations are always processed as soon as the donor gives.

  • ACH bank transfers are processed when the ACH payment is initiated, even if it hasn't completed its lifecycle.

  • Cash donations are processed when they are added to the batch, even if the batch hasn't been committed yet.

  • Checks are processed when they are added to the batch, even if the batch hasn't been committed yet, regardless of the date on the check itself.

The bottom half of the page shows labels and funds used during the selected date range.

  1. View the funds which received donations during the date range. Funds that did not receive donations during this date range won't appear here.


    If you only use the General fund, the fund section will not show on your Dashboard.

  2. Compare the amount donated in batches (physical) to the amount donated via Stripe (online).

  3. View the number of times a label was used and the total of those donations. These numbers are independent of the other labels since each donation could have many labels attached.

Use the reporting options at the top of a section to see comparisons by total amounts donated, the total number of donations, or average amounts.


Most of the basic information you need is delivered right on the dashboard, but if you need a more specific subset of numbers, use the filter from the By Donation tab.


Click on any information on the Dashboard to view the corresponding By Donation or By Donor report!

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