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Any donation you receive through another platform can be added to Giving in order to keep your data clean and in one place. If you use multiple donation platforms concurrently with Giving or need to count historical donations from a previous system, you can create Payment Sources and assign the donations accordingly.

Check out this video to see how it works then follow the steps below.

Alternatives to Importing Donor Records

Although Payment Sources allow you to add donations from other places through batches, we don't yet have a way to automatically import a donor's giving history from another system. In the meantime, you have a few options:

  • PCO Giving Import Tool is donation import system for Planning Center Giving that works with Shelby Arena, Fellowship One (F1), Church Community Builder (CCB), and most donation systems that allow you to export donation history.
  • When making the switch to Giving, you can issue two end-of-year statements to your donors this year: one from your old system and one from Giving. If you can export a record of past donations from your old system, you can keep it as a record outside of Giving.
  • We offer an API for Giving, so the only automated way to add donations is to build an integration between your current system and Planning Center Giving, using the open API. You'll need to have a third-party developer set this up for you.
  • If you'd like to have all of this in one place, you can manually enter online donations made through your past system in batches. You can decide how specific or broad you'd like to set up the donation records. For example, you can record a lump sum for overall giving for each donor or itemized donations for each donor.

Create the Payment Source

Go to the Payment Sources tab on the Manage page, and click Add a new payment source.

When creating a new payment source, you can choose from these options: 

create yament source
  1. Enter the name of the platform.
  2. Check the box to email receipts when a batch is committed with this payment source.
  3. Check to  to show this Payment Source on annual statements.

Assign Donations to a Payment Source from a Batch

When you enter cash, check, card, or ACH donations from another platform, set the Payment Source in the Batch defaults.

batch defaults

As you enter donations, the Payment Source displays in the donations list.

If you add the wrong Payment Source to a donation, you can select the donation to edit it.  

Edit Past Donations

If you used Giving before September 2017, you entered donations from other platforms as cash or check donations, then used labels or batches to keep track of which donations came from what external source.

You can bulk edit the donations you previously entered.

After you've entered external payment sources, go to the Payment Sources tab on the Manage page, and click Bulk Edit Old Donations.

Set the Search criteria and What will change.

If you created batches based on external sources, select the batch option; if you assigned a label to external donations, select the label option.

batch or label

Choose the changes that you want to make. The Payment method refers cash, check, card, and ACH. The Payment source refers to any external source you've created on the page before.

method or source

The donations that will be changed display in the bottom of the page.

You cannot undo any bulk edits.

Click Edit donations now to apply the changes to the donations.

After confirming that you want to edit the donations, you can view the status of the updates.

bulk edit status

Once you close this box, you can view completed bulk edits by clicking Bulk Edit History.

Bulk edits are tracked as changes to the donation, just like any other edit. They'll appear as edited donations, and the change will show in the Adjustment History as well as the log.

Adjustment history log
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