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Labels allow you to group donations to manage and categorize them. Labels only show on the Admin side, so donors never see them.

When should you use labels?

If you're not sure how you want to track donations with labels, wait until donations come in. As they come in, decide if adding a label will help you find the information you need. Keep in mind that Stamps already give you lots of information to filter.

Some great examples of labels are:

  • Days when you have service, such as Sunday or Midweek

  • Types of services that don't have funds, such as Kids Church or Small Groups

  • Checks that are mailed or post-dated

  • Donations that need a follow up, especially if they specify a closed fund

Create a Label

You can create a new label from the Labels tab on the Manage page when you create a new batch or donation.

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Add a Label to a Donation

You can add a label when creating a batch or donation and edit an online donation to add a label.

Multiple labels can be added to a donation, such as a location, type of event, name of event, or an action needed for the donation.

To add a label to an existing donation, access a donation from the Donation List or a person's profile, and then click the Edit Labels button.

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Start entering the label name, and then select a label to add it or create a new label. When you are finished adding labels, click Save Labels.

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After creating and assigning labels to donations, you can filter the donation list by Label.

Merging, Editing, or Deleting Labels

View and manage your list of labels from the Labels tab on the Manage page.

  1. If someone mistakenly creates a label instead of using an already-created label, click the merge icon to merge the donations assigned to that label into the appropriate one.

  2. If a label no longer matches your church lingo, or you named it incorrectly in the first place, rename it by clicking the pencil icon.

  3. If you didn't use a label as much as you'd expected, delete it by clicking the trash icon. The label will be removed from all applicable donations, and it will no longer be listed as a label option.

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