ACH Bank Transfer Donations

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Donors can initiate ACH donations on the donor interface, or they can ask an Administrator to manually add the donation from their profile. The donations are processed in Stripe and then added to the Giving dashboard.

Canadian Customers: ACH/EFT is not supported for Canadian organizations.

Bank Verification

Giving and Stripe (our payment processor) need to verify the ownership of a bank account before it can be used for donations. Verification shows that the donor has access to the bank account being connected, they've given permission to withdraw money, and they've connected the correct account. 

When a donor gives online, they can verify their bank account instantly using their online banking login or by initiating micro-deposits. 

Learn more in this article on Giving with a Bank Account

When using micro-deposit verification, Giving Administrator can also verify the bank account from the Pay Methods tab on the donor's profile. They will need to get the micro-deposit amounts from the donor in order to verify the account.

Donation Lifecycle

ACH donations typically take 7-10 business days to go from the time of the donation to the time Stripe deposits to your church's bank.

  1. The ACH donation is given, securing a Received Date for the donation. Donations can be initiated by the donor, by an admin on the donor's behalf, or by the system (in the case of a recurring donation).

  2. The ACH donation is marked In Transit while the donor's bank completes the charge. ACH donations take anywhere from 2-5 business days to post to Stripe and Giving as successful donations. Some banks add an additional 2-3 business days if it's the very first time the donor has initiated an ACH donation through Giving.

  3. If the donation succeeds, the In Transit status is removed. Then the donation can be refunded or edited by an administrator.

    If the donation fails, the donor is notified via email, and the donation is marked as failed in the donor's account history. Failed ACH donations will incur a $1 fee charged to your organization.

  4. The donation is deposited (paid out) to your church's bank. Stripe has a rolling two-day payout schedule, so an ACH donation will remain with Stripe for another day or two before it's queued for a payout to your bank. It will take another 3-5 business days for a Stripe transfer to make its way to your church bank account.

ACH donations start processing 120 minutes after the donation is initiated, and the donation is marked with an Awaiting Transit stamp. If a donor needs to cancel an ACH donation within that timeframe, an Administrator can cancel the donation before it's processed. In case of a mistake when giving, ACH donations will not start the process until 120 minutes after the donation is initiated.

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