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Every day, customers contact us in a panic. Someone was able to gain access to their email account. The attacker read their private emails, surveyed which online services they use, and quickly gained access to their entire digital world. Using the password reset process the attacker locked them out their bank, their Facebook, and their Planning Center account.

Having your own private information compromised is bad enough. But knowing that your account was how the attacker was able to access the financial records for nearly everyone at your church is a terrible feeling.

Protect Your Donors By Protecting Yourself

If you're a Planning Center Giving administrator the single best thing you can do to prevent an account takeover is enabling two-step verification for your own Planning Center login.

To get started, log into any Planning Center product and click "My login settings" in the profile dropdown at the top right.


The setup process takes about 1 minute. 

Make it a Policy

This feature is especially important for your administrators who have access to Planning Center People and Planning Center Giving as both of these products store especially private, sensitive information about your members. Consider making two-step verification a requirement for anyone who has access to such data.

To survey who has and hasn't set up two-step verification, organization administrators can visit the "Administrators" tab in their account settings. Admins who have completed setup have a green lock. 



For additional details, check out the full announcement for two-step verification at Planning Center

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