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We know that there are certain things that you want to be notified about as soon as they happen. Your child getting engaged, your spouse’s car breaking down, the dog biting the mailman… while we can’t help with those notifications, we are happy to help keep you in the loop with what is happening in your church’s Giving account!

For Giving Administrators, you'll now see some new options on your user profile:

  • New recurring donations are established
  • Recurring donation payment processing has failed
  • Recurring donations are placed on hold
  • Batch (or Batch Group) is committed
  • Donors with donation history are deleted
  • There is a new one-time donation of at least $X.XX

These notifications will be sent to your primary email address:

You’ll also get an in-product notification:

We hope you enjoyed this update. Let us know what you think!
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