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There are four different roles in Giving, each with different permissions. When a person is added to the Admin side of Giving, they will be assigned one of these roles: Giving Administrator, Bookkeeper, Counter, or Reviewer.

Check out this clip from Planning Center University.

Add a User

To add a person, go to the Users tab on the People page, and click Add User.

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Search for the person and select them from the list or click create new person.

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If you create a new person, you'll need to fill out their contact information before assigning them to a role.

Choose the role, and then click Send Invite Now.

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The person will receive a welcome email with instructions on accessing Giving.

Change User Role

You can change a person's role by clicking the pencil next to their name in the Users tab.

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You can also change their role from the person's profile. In the User Profile tab Permissions section, click Edit.

edit user role_arrow.png

Either choose a new role or remove the person's access to the Admin side of Giving.

modal_update user role.png

When someone's access is removed, their activity in the logs will remain intact, along with any other information on their Donor Profile. An Administrator will receive an email and notification of the change.


Giving access is also removed when the person is set to inactive in Planning Center People, which happens when a person leaves the church, passes away, or any other reason determined by the organization.

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