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Today, we’re excited to be releasing 3 new permission types for the administrative side of Planning Center Giving! Now, your volunteers and staff can have just the right level of access depending on their role.

Giving User Roles:

user-roles.pngCounter (new): This is a limited access role for your staff and volunteers who help enter check and cash donations into the system. Counters can open a batch and enter donations, but that’s about it! They can’t commit batches, view donor profiles, or access any other part of Giving.

Reviewer (new): This is the most limited access role meant for your pastoral staff, board members, or anyone who wants to see general, anonymized donation data. Reviewers can access the dashboard report and see pledge campaign overviews, but they have no editing powers of any kind. They also can’t access donor profiles, see donation lists, or access reports in other parts of the system.

Bookkeeper (new): This new role grants access to nearly all parts of Giving and is meant for people who are in Giving all the time while helping donors, working with staff, producing reports, and balancing the books. Really, Bookkeepers are just like Giving Administrators with only a few key limitations: They can’t modify system settings or other users' permissions, nor can they edit the list of funds or create new pledge campaigns.

Giving Administrator: This role controls all parts of Planning Center Giving, including user permissions and system settings. It's likely that only one or two people in your organization should have this level of control.

What You Should Do Next:

To ensure that everyone on your team has the level of access they need (and probably want), your Giving Administrator should review your list of Giving users and start putting people into their appropriate roles.

Be aware that when you change someone’s permission level, they’ll get an email from the system to let them know that their level of access has changed. Also, when someone is made an administrator, all the other administrators will be notified of this important change. This is done as a courtesy but also as a security measure.

Let Us Know What You Think!

Far and away, this was one of the most highly requested features for Planning Center Giving, so we’re eager to get it into your hands. Please let us know what you think using the ? in the top right of Giving. Our product team really does read what you send to us!

~ Team Giving

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