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People Lists continue to be one of the most powerful tools in all of Planning Center. Today we've released a collection of fixes and new functionality within Planning Center People so you can build new kinds of lists based on donation activity.

Support for Pledges

Last month we released Pledge Campaigns for Planning Center Giving. Today you'll find a new "Pledgers" option for your People List conditions. That means you can build lists of people who have pledged towards a campaign or who are above or below a certain threshold of progress. Progress can be defined by a dollar amount or a percentage of their pledge. 


Don't forget, you can use People Lists to create automations that take certain actions whenever someone new is added to this list. For example, you might want to email a special "thank you" message to your pledged donors who have made it half way through their annual pledge.

Support for Join Donors

In 2019, we launched support for Joint Donors for your donors who give as a couple. By default, list conditions only include the person who donates. Now, you'll see that most rules have an extra "Include joint donors" option. If any donor matches a list condition, their joint donor will be included as well.


Miscellaneous Fixes

We’ve fixed a few issues related to list conditions based on “failed” and “in dispute” stamps. Previously, they may not have returned the correct results. These were fringe bugs, but we know mostly correct results aren’t good enough when you’re potentially using these People Lists results to contact donors. 








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