System Logs

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When something changes in your Giving database, the change is logged.

From the Manage page, go to the Logs tab to view all the changes in your account. Expand a specific change by selecting the arrow.


Each log entry shows:

  1. The date the event occurred

  2. Who made the change (System, Admin, or Donor)

  3. The type of change (Creation, Update or Deletion)

  4. Additional details about the change

Donation Adjustment Logs

When a change has been made to a donation, you can view the update in any list of donations.

A blue bar is next to a donation that's been adjusted. Click on the donation to view the change.

edited donation_arrow.jpg

At the bottom of the donation, you can see the Adjustment History, which shows the person who made the change, the time of the change, and the details of the change.

adjustment history.jpg
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