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Congratulations, you are now a Giving Administrator! If you have completed the initial setup of your Giving account, this article is for you. This guide provides an overview of the main Giving concepts to give you a better understanding of how Giving works and what's involved in administering your account.


If you cannot log in, follow the steps in this article.

How do I decide which plan to choose?

Here are some tips for choosing which product plan is best for your church:

  • Typically, about 17% of churchgoers donate. So, to get your average number of monthly donations, multiply [your weekly attendance] x .17 x 4.3 (average weeks in a month). For example, a congregation of 1000 would receive approximately 731 donations a month (1000 x .17 x 4.3 = 731).

  • Any donation counts as one donation, no matter which payment source is used. For example, if you process 500 physical donations, it's the same price as processing 200 physical donations + 300 online donations.

Online and In-Person Donations

With Giving, you can track both online and in-person donations. Online donations are given via Church Center, text, or an external Giving platform . Funds can be used to designate giving for different ministries.


A default fund is created when you set up your Giving account but you can add additional funds at any time to designate donations for a specific purpose (such as foreign missions or a building fund).

By default, funds are visible to online and text donors, and you can also designate the fund to be available to Admins only.


When creating batches, you can designate a default fund for the entire batch or designate each donation to a different fund.

Church Center

Church Center is an online giving portal that's included with your Giving subscription at no extra charge! Church Center allows your church members to donate to your church, get church information, and manage their profile from both the web and the Church Center app for iOS or Android.

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From their Church Center donor profile, all donors can access their donation history and statements. They can also set their email receipt preferences and adjust recurring donations. At a donor's request, Admins can also update a donor's profile .

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The Help Donors Give Online article has some great tips for sharing Church Center with your congregation and helping them with common questions.

Processing Donations

Online and text donations are processed through Stripe. Part of the Giving setup process is to create a Stripe account or connect an existing account to Giving. Make sure to keep track of your Stripe login information after setting up your account.


You can find information about your Planning Center account and connected Stripe account from the Stripe Info page in Giving.

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In-person cash and check donations, along with donations given through external payment sources, are added to Giving via batches.



Giving won't replace your general ledger, so you'll still need a basic bookkeeping software to handle your payable and receivable accounts.

However, we advise against keeping every individual donation in your general ledger. Instead, use journaled entries in your general ledger to record Stripe payouts and donation batches.



See this article on Bookkeeping for tips on entering donations from Giving to your general ledger.


The following reports are available in Giving:

  • The Giving dashboard allows you to view donations, new donors, and labels or funds in the date range you specify.

  • Donations can be filtered by Stamp, Label, Fund, or Payment Source on any page that includes an itemized list of donations in Giving.

  • You can create a list of donors according to criteria such as amount donated, fund type, or recurring donor status.

  • Use Stripe payout reports to reconcile Stripe deposits (called payouts) to your bank account or general ledger.

  • You can generate statements in Giving and email them to your donors or print them out and send them by mail. Donors can access statements from their Church Center profile. .

Get Help and Support

Our Support Team is always here to help! Use the ? at the top right of every page to find articles or open a ticket with Support.

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When you click that, you'll see this helpful dialog box.

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  1. Type in what you're looking for. This will search our online manual and return articles on that topic.

  2. Suggested articles are based on the page you're on when you click the question mark.

  3. View introduction articles, watch video tutorials, or browse documentation to be taken directly to our online manual.

  4. Send an email to our Support Team. For the most efficient support, be sure to include specifics about what you're working with. When you submit your questions from here, we receive lots of information about your account, including the page you're viewing, which allows for fast and accurate support for your request.


    Planning Center Support is dedicated to getting you an email response within an hour by investigating the issue in detail, asking for help from other seasoned team members, or even consulting a developer, if necessary. This type of direct assistance and shared knowledge is unavailable on the phone.

Organization Administrator Requests

These requests to Support can only be made by organization administrators:

  • Data removal or corrections you can't make yourself (undo old CSV imports, iCal imports, etc)

  • Request promotional pricing (legacy plans, church plants, Giving contract promotion)

  • Gain access to anything that was created and managed by someone else in the account

  • Restore or fully delete a canceled account

  • Disconnect a Stripe account

  • Request access to Giving (if there are no current Giving administrators in the account)

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