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If your church is asking donors for a long-term commitment to give toward your overall budget or a special project (like a building project), you can use pledge campaigns to track those pledges and view the progress toward your financial goals.

An Administrator enters donors' pledges. Donors can keep track of their progress toward their pledge goal and the church's overall goal for the campaign.

Create a New Pledge Campaign

Before you set up a campaign, you need a fund where donations for the campaign will be collected. If the fund is visible to donors, they can give to the fund online. You can also add donations to the fund using batches.

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To set up a new campaign, go to the Pledge Campaigns tab on the Donations page, and click Create a new Pledge Campaign.

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A set-up wizard will guide you through the steps of creating a campaign.

  • Name the campaign, select the target fund, and establish a date range for which donations will be counted towards this pledge campaign.

  • Decide if there’s a financial goal for this campaign and whether you want that goal to be viewable by donors. When enabled, donors will be able to follow the campaign’s progress as time goes on, in addition to their individual pledge progress.

  • If your pledge campaign is already underway, Giving will detect past qualifying donations to reflect the current progress of the campaign.

Collect Pledges

You can collect pledges by whatever method makes sense for your church, such as a signed card or physical letter returned to the church by the donor. As pledges are collected, your Giving Admins can enter the pledges into Giving and send email acknowledgments to each donor.

  • If you have a lot of pledges to add at one time, add them on the campaign page.

  • If you only need to add a pledge for a specific person, add it on the donor's profile.

Add a Pledge from the Campaign Page

To enter multiple pledges for a campaign at the same time, go to the Pledge Campaigns tab on the Donations page, and select the campaign.

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Select the Pledges tab, and click Enter Pledge.


Start typing in a person's name, and select a donor or create a new person.

Enter the amount the person has pledged, and check the box if you want to send the donor an email. You can edit the content of the email, if necessary.

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Click Save or Save & Add Another to save the pledge information and send the email.

Add a Pledge from the Donor Profile

To enter a pledge for an individual, go to the Pledges tab in a person's profile, and click Enter Pledge.


For joint donors, the pledge will be assigned to both donors.

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  1. Choose the campaign that the person has pledged to.

  2. Enter the amount of the pledge.

  3. Check if you want to email the donor, and edit the email if necessary.

Click Save to save the pledge information and send the email.

Track and Manage Pledges

When donors give to the specified fund for your campaign, their donation will automatically be tracked as progress toward their pledge and your church’s campaign. You can see all donations given to the fund from the Donations tab in the pledge campaign.

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Any donation given to the fund within the specified date range will count toward the campaign total, whether or not donors have set up a campaign pledge.

You can add, view, and modify a pledge from a donor’s individual profile. For couples who give jointly, pledges are shared and progress is tracked when either person gives to the fund associated with the campaign.

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Report Campaign Progress

Admins can track progress for all campaigns as well as information on a specific campaign. Donors can track the progress of their individual pledges and the status of the overall campaign.


From the Pledge Campaigns tab on the Donations tab, you can see the status of all campaigns created for the church.

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Select a campaign to see additional information about it.


For information on individual pledges, see the Pledges tab on the donor's profile.

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The Pledges tab on a donors’ profile will only show if the church has at least one pledge campaign set up.


Donors can view the status of their personal and joint donor's pledges as well as collective progress made for the campaigns from their donor profile.


If you choose to include pledge information in statements, progress for any campaigns that a donor has pledged to will be included on their statement.

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