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Your church's finance team may need to generate reports on overall donation information, itemized donations, donor information, and more. After generating a report, you can click the Export button to export it to a CSV file.


Giving Administrators can enable notifications to be alerted to changes in donation activity.


The Giving Dashboard lets you see giving trends and recent donations. Use the dashboard to view donations, new donors, labels, or funds included in the date range and campus set at the top.


Reports By Donation and Donor

Generate reports by donation or by donor.

By Donation

On the By Donation tab, donations can be filtered by campus, fund, label, stamp, or payment source. Use this report to produce an itemized list of donations during a specific time frame.

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By Donor

From the By Donor tab, you can get information about donors who gave during a particular date range. Filter by campus, fund, label, stamp, or payment source, and sort the columns by donation totals, number of donations, etc. Send an email to the filtered list of donors by clicking Email Donors.

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Donor Lists

With lists in Planning Center People, you can create a list of donors according to the amount donated, fund type, or recurring donor status. You can share lists with others or print them using reports.

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This process requires access to People. If you don't have access, ask another Administrator to take this step or to give you permission.


Donor statements provide donors with a list of all their successful donations over a given date range. You can provide annual donor statements to assist their donors with filing their taxes and reporting their deductible donations, or send them out at any time via email or mail delivery.

You can generate bulk statements from the Statements tab on the Manage page.


You can also generate an individual statement from a person's profile.

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Stripe Payout Reports

Use Stripe payout reports to reconcile Stripe deposits (payouts) to your bank account or general ledger.

Go to the Stripe Payouts tab on the Donations page to view all Stripe payout reports within a selected date range.

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