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In this update, we've added a new "EFT" payment method for Canadian customers. Now it's easier to properly account for digital payments like Interac e-Transfers, bank-to-bank transfers, PayPal, or any other electronic payment method.

By default, Giving assumes it's the only system you use to accept donations. Digital donations from credit and debit cards are accounted for automatically as donors use Church Center on the web or the mobile app. Physical donations, like cheques and cash, are counted in batches. That's why the only selectable payment methods available in the batch entry tool are cheque or cash:


But what if you need to account for EFT donations that came in through some system outside of Giving and Stripe?

Establish New Payment Sources

Head to the "Manage" tab and find the "Payment Sources" tab. You'll see an existing "Planning Center" payment source that is automatically assumed for any donation that came in via Church Center. Here's where you want to tell Giving that there are other external sources of payment that you need to account for.


Record an EFT Payment

With those new external payment sources in place, some new options will be available to you as you enter donations in the batch entry tool. For each donation, you'll be able to select the payment source and have more options for payment methods – including EFT.


Using external payment sources, you can keep track of where donations originally took place, get an accurate portrayal of payment methods on the dashboard, and make life a little easier for your donors who use payment systems.

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