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This article will help Administrators understand the basics of online giving, in order to help troubleshoot common issues donors encounter.

Donors can give online using your church's donation form, the Church Center app, and Text2Give, if enabled.


You also have the option to use Planning Center Publishing to set up Church Center web and app. With Publishing, you have the option to add additional custom pages, host live sermon streams, and create a library of videos from previous services.

Share Your Donation Form

Your church's donation form for Planning Center Giving is hosted on, using the unique web address created when you signed up for Giving. You can find the link to your donation form on your Church Center page in Giving.

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You can share the link to your donation form on your church's website, social media page, or in an email.


Select Shareable Code at the bottom of your donation form to view and download a QR code. You can scan this QR code to go straight to the donation form without typing the URL.

Shareable Video

Download this video from the export button on the toolbar or copy this link to share with your donors!

This video shows the online giving process.

You can also see how the donation process works from a donor's perspective in this article on Giving Online.

Common Questions from Donors

Donors can give using their bank account, debit/credit card, and Apple Pay.

If they've donated before, they can log in to give with a saved payment method.


The best way to understand the donor experience is to try it yourself! Log in and give as a donor to see how the process works.

ACH Verification

Donors can verify their bank account by logging into their bank account if their bank supports instant verification; if not, micro-deposits are used to confirm the bank account is correct.


See the ACH Bank Transfer Donations article for more information on micro-deposit verification and the ACH donation lifecycle.

If the deposits do not appear in their bank account or are entered incorrectly, the bank account will not be added as a payment method. The donor will need to start this process over again and will have ten chances to enter correct deposit amounts before the verification process fails.

Donor Profile

A donor can access many things in their profile--they just need to know about them! Donors can log in when they visit the donation form.

After logging in, a donor can view and manage their Giving information.

My Giving_numbered.png
  1. click on the profile menu in the upper right corner

  2. choose Profile

  3. select My Giving

In My Giving, a donor can manage the following from their profile:

  • Donation History: View each donation and download transaction history by year.

  • Recurring Donations: Add, update, or delete recurring donations.

  • Payment Methods: Add or delete Apple Pay, bank accounts, or debit/credit cards.

  • Text2Give: View their connected phone number and manage their Text2Give payment methods.

  • Notifications: Choose the email address that receives Giving notifications, as well as the option to disable receipts.

  • Pledges: View their progress on pledged donations and see how much has been raised towards the overall goal.

  • Statements: Download any statements already sent to donors.


  • Canadian Customers:

    While all major credit cards are supported for Canadian organizations, only a limited number of debit cards will work.

    Visa Debit

    is supported, but Interac ATM cards or any card without a 3 or 4 digit CVC code will not.

Stripe Errors

If a donor reports an error, the solution can be found in your Stripe account. Here are some common errors we've seen donors report:

Error: This account cannot make live charges.

This error indicates that something within your Stripe account requires an Administrator's attention. Stripe has probably sent an email to the email address on your Stripe account requesting some information be updated or verified.

Solution: Contact Stripe's support team directly to resolve this issue.

Error: Your card was declined.

Stripe will post an error message about the decline in your account. Find the failed donation on your Payments page in Stripe. If you have additional questions, the best option is to contact Stripe's support team directly.

Solution: Donor can reach out to the bank to find the reason for the decline.

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