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Church Center allows your church members to donate to your church, get church information, and manage their profile. Church Center is included with the cost of your product subscriptions, so it's available at no extra cost to you! Your congregation can access Church Center from both your church giving site and the Church Center app for iOS or Android.

You also have the option to use Publishing to set up Church Center web and app. With Publishing, you have the option to add additional custom pages, host live sermon streams, and create a library of videos from previous services.

Church Center can also be used for event Registrations, Groups, and Check-Ins if your church subscribes to and enables those products. 

Setting up Church Center

After setting up your campuses, both Church Center web and app can be set up in Planning Center Accounts by an Organization Administrator.

From the Church Center tab on the Organization page, check the boxes to enable any products that you subscribe to.

Enable Church Center web by creating a unique URL for your church.

Using Church Center Web

Church Center web is hosted on your church's unique Church Center Giving URL, which you can link to or embed on your church's main website.

From the Giving page, your donors can give online and log in to view and update their personal giving information.

For security reasons, we don't recommend using Church Center as a donation kiosk in your church. If a donor logs in to donate and forgets to log out, the next person at the kiosk would be able to access their personal giving profile information. Your donors have the ability to give via their smartphone, tablet, or personal computer, which is more private, secure, and simple (especially for regular donors).

The following video gives an overview of the online giving process. Feel free to download and share this video with your church.

Using the Church Center App

Donors can download the Church Center app for free using these links:

To familiarize your church with the Church Center app, feel free to download and share this video: 


To get a custom version of this video with your church's name and logo, ask our support team by clicking the ? in the top right corner of any Planning Center product and opening a ticket.

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