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To help troubleshoot a Giving issue or find an email sent to or from a donor, you can track a donor's communication history from their profile. For example, if you need to find out when a recurring donation was set up or canceled, you can get that information from the donor's communication history.

View a Donor's Message History

Many donor-specific questions can be answered by reviewing the emails that were sent to the donor from the Giving system. You can access these emails from the Communication tab in a donor's profile.

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For example, if you notice that a recurring monthly donor stopped giving a couple of months ago, you can check their To emails to try to figure out why:

  • They could have a confirmation email showing that the recurring donation was canceled.

  • An alert might have been sent from Giving notifying the donor that their card has expired.

Most donors won't have anything in the From area, since only Giving Admins can send emails within Giving.

Here's what could be included in a donor's Message History:

  • Automated email alerts about donation failures and payment method problems.

  • Donation receipt emails.

  • Donor statements issued by email.

  • Emails sent from an Administrator through their profile page.

  • Bulk emails sent from an Administrator from the Email Donors option in the People tab.

Here's what's not included in the Message History:

  • Text messages sent and received in the course of Text2Give.

  • Emails generated by any other Planning Center products.

When you click the link for a specific email, you can see the text of the email.


Change a Donor's Email Preferences

Donors can change their email preferences from their profile in Church Center. Administrators can also update preferences at the donor's request from the donor profile on the Admin side.


Donors can set their email preferences in their donor profile.

  1. If donors have more than one email address attached to their account, they can choose which one to send Giving notifications to.

  2. Donors can choose whether or not to receive emails each time they donate. This includes online donations and batch donations using a payment source with receipts enabled.


If the donor has set their email preference to a specific address, and that email address is deleted outside of Planning Center Giving, Giving will send an email to the donor alerting them that they'll no longer receive email at their preferred (and now deleted) email address.


Administrators can view message history and change a donor's email preferences from the profile Communication tab if they know the donor's preferences.

  1. Edit the donor's email address from the Actions menu.

  2. If the donor has more than one email address, you can choose which email address receives donation receipts, emailed statements, and donation/profile notifications.

  3. Choose whether or not the donor receives donation receipts.


You can turn off email receipts for cash and check donations from the Payment Sources page.

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