Changed: Text-to-Give Donation Limit

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Mistyped words and auto-correct mistakes in text messages are commonplace. Phone keyboards are tiny! Accidentally adding an extra digit to your text-to-give message is a much bigger deal.

Earlier this year, we implemented a two hour delay on the processing of text-to-give donations. This window of time gives your donors a chance to see the SMS reply, realize their mistake, and reply with "REFUND" to stop the donation from going through. That's been working great and we'd like to continue this trend of making donor mistakes less painful.

There's now a limit of $9,999 for each text-to-give donation.

Why $9,999? In addition to addressing the "extra digit" mistake, we're hoping this limit will help address another issue: cardholder banks often block single transactions $10k. This has become increasingly common as a measure of fraud prevention. We don't think implementing a donation limit for all credit and debit cards makes sense quite yet. That would be a big change and one we'd need to be careful about introducing. However, for text-to-give donations, we think it's one that makes sense now. 


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