Changed: Stripe Refund Policy for Older Accounts

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Stripe announced a few policy changes this week – mainly for older Stripe accounts. In practice, it's unlikely you'll be impacted by these changes. Donation refunds, foreign payments, and currency conversions are all rare occurrences on our donation platform.

Refund Policy for Stripe Accounts Created Before 9/14/2017

A few years ago, Stripe changed their refund policy. When you issue refunds, the processing fee from the original transaction would no longer be returned. At the time, Stripe indicated that the change would only impact new Stripe accounts. Existing accounts would be given a grace period to adjust to this change. This week, they've said this grace period is now over. For all accounts, Stripe no longer returns processing fees for refunded transactions.

International Payments and Currency Exchange

With this announcement, Stripe indicated two other policy changes that would take immediate effect: 1) International payments from non-US cards will incur an additional 1% fee. This was likely already the case for your Stripe account, but it's another grace period that is now ending. 2) Currency conversion has now dropped from 2% to a 1% foreign exchange fee. 

No Changes to Normal Processing Fees

Other than the foreign payments rate mentioned above, you'll continue to receive the same discounted rate you've always had as a Planning Center customer. That low % rate applies to all donations processed through Planning Center Giving and event payments processed through Planning Center Registrations.

Please let us know if you have any questions using the in-product helpdesk system ("?" in the top right). Thanks!


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