Credit and Debit Cards

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Donors can initiate credit and debit card donations from your organization's donation form, or they can ask an Administrator to manually add the donation from their profile. These donations are processed by Stripe and then added to the Giving dashboard.

Detailed information on card processing fees can be found on the Planning Center Pricing page.


Canadian Customers: While all major credit cards are supported for Canadian organizations, only a limited number of debit cards will work. Visa Debit is supported, but Interac ATM cards or any card without a 3 or 4 digit CVC code will not.

Declined Cards

If a card is declined, Giving will let the donor know immediately, and the donation won't be processed.

If this happens on a recurring donation, the notification will tell the donor to resolve the issue with their bank. Giving will not attempt to charge the card again until the next monthly recurrence, so the donor will need to give a one-time donation to cover the missed recurring donation.

Automatic Card Updates

Stripe has a feature called automatic card replacements that allows a saved credit card in Giving to continue to work for recurring donations without donor intervention, even if the card gets replaced by the donor's bank.

However, because not all banks and card networks support Stripe's auto-update system, we've put some things in place to smooth over times when Stripe cannot automatically replace an expiring card:

  • New Card Detection: When donors enter a new card to donate, Giving will check to see if there is an existing card with an older expiration date. If one exists, the system will automatically swap out the old card for the new card and update payment for any future donations.

  • Confirmation Emails: When a card is updated, by Stripe's system or by the donor in Giving, we will send the donor an email letting them know. In the unlikely event the card was updated in error, the donor can then correct the mistake.

  • Proactive Expiration Emails: If a donor has a recurring donationon an expiring card, we will send a precautionary email at the beginning of the month the card expires so they can update the information themselves if Stripe could not replace it and Giving does not detect a new card.

Disable Giving with Credit Cards

If you don't want to give your donors the option to give online using credit cards, go to the Settings tab on the Manage page, and deselect Accept credit card donations.

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If credit cards are disabled, donors can still give online using debit cards and prepaid gift cards.

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