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Towards the end of every year, we try and tackle some of the top feature requests related to annual donor statements. Most of our customer churches and charities issue annual donor statements sometime in mid January. Here's a roundup of what's new.

Name & Page Number

When you’re printing off a few hundred donors statements and stuffing envelopes, it’s easy to get pages mixed up. Especially if your statements extend to a second or third page.

Now, at the bottom right of each page, you’ll see a small footer note indicating the last name of the donor and which page you’re looking at. Here’s an example: 


Page Break Control

By default, the donor statement template tries to maximize the space on the page. If it all fits, the template will attempt to put the donor’s address, your logo, the cover letter, and the statement content all on a single page.

If you’d like to force a page break between the cover letter and the statement content, there’s a new option for that. This new setting will force all donor statements to be at least two pages:


Optional “Payment Source” Visibility

If you’ve migrated historical donations into Planning Center Giving, or you use another donation system alongside Giving (like PayPal or Square) then you likely have a few “External Payment Sources” established. If you think it would be helpful to show these Payment Sources in an annual statement, you can now configure that option on the Payment Source:


With this new option selected, your donor statements will now show the original source of the donation like so:


Optional “Statement Only” Configuration

Many customers have asked for the ability to print only the donor statement content (the actual listing of donations) because they have some other solution for envelopes and cover letters. Previously, you could hide everything except for the address fields.

Now, you hide those as well, giving you the ability to print only statement content.


🇨🇦 Improvements For Canadians

What we typically call “donor statements” in the US, Canadians call “donor receipts.” If you’re a Canadian customer, you know that the CRA has some special requirements when it comes to issuing annual donor receipts.

There are two items we've added to help make sure your donor receipts are CRA compliant:


1. CRA compliant donor receipts from an individual’s profile - While the CRA compliant portion of the PDF has always been included in the “bulk” statement tool, it has never been available when generating an individual statement. We’ve added that capability with this new option.

2. Replacement donor receipts - If a donor discovers an error with their annual receipt, you may need to issue an official replacement receipt after correcting the issue. Now, on the donor’s profile, you can specify a replacement serial number. When the replaced statement number is present, Giving will generate the appropriate CRA-required message on the official statement:


January can be a stressful month for bookkeepers and donation administrators issuing annual donor statements. Each year we listen to your feedback and catalogue your feature requests so we can learn and make the process easier for next year.

So, if there’s something you want to see before next January, please don’t hesitate to hit that ? in the top right of Giving and let us know what you need. We’re here to help.

Happy donor statement’ing,
~ Team Giving


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