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To adapt to changes in financial regulations, Stripe will start collecting some new information from their customers – if you use Planning Center Giving, that's you!

Learn more from Stripe's documentation here: Updated requirement - beneficial owners

Log in to Stripe

Log in to your Stripe account. If new information is required by Stripe, you'll likely see a prominent notice at the top of your Stripe account.

Review Your Account

Now is a great time to make sure your organization's Stripe account is safe and secure. For the safety of your organization and your donors, it's critical to do the following:

  1. Review your Stripe "Team": This is the list of people who can log into your organization's Stripe account. Make sure people on this list are recognized and trusted. Verify that their email addresses are current and that each and every one of them has enabled two-step verification on their account. If they haven't, reach out to them and insist they do it. 
  2. Enable Two-Step Authentication: Make sure you yourself have enabled two-step verification for your personal login. 
  3. Inspect your Security History: Anything look fishy here? If so, immediately contact Stripe support.
  4. Review your Account Information: Look over your basic account information here and make any necessary updates.

Make Sure You Can Receive Emails From Stripe

Any time there's a critical issue with your account, Stripe will always email you as a primary method of contact. So, it's critical that you're able to reliably receive emails from Add this email address to your "safe senders" list. Every email system treats these settings a little differently, so look for words like "allowed" or "trusted" or "whitelist".

As an example, here's how it works in Gmail: 


Another option is to create a contact called "Stripe Support" with the email Emails in your contact list are less likely to get caught in your spam filter.


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