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The donation form is the single most important screen for Planning Center Giving. The design challenge here is finding a balance between speed and security. We know that a fast donation form with a minimal number of required fields drastically increases the chance donors will finish the process of donating. On the other hand, collecting less information from the cardholder means it's much harder for Stripe's fraud detection system to do its job.

Over the past year we've seen a noticeable uptick of fraudsters who use the donation form to run small, $1 transactions to test the charge-ability of stolen credit and debit cards. Asking for more cardholder information will help decrease this. 

Here's the new zip code field in action:


This change will also make its way to the Church Center mobile app within the coming weeks. 

Check Your Stripe Settings

Now is a good time to check your Stripe Radar rules to ensure that you're protected against this type of card fraud. Go to 

If the "CVC" and "Postal code" verification rules are disabled:


Click the "..." and enable both rules:


We'll be monitoring this change over the next few days to make sure things are going smoothly with this new zip code requirement. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to hit that "?" in the top right of Planning Center Giving and reach out to our support team.




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