New: Additions to the Church Center Mobile App

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There are some new Giving features for the Church Center Mobile App! Tap the "My Giving" area under your donor profile to review the new goodies:


  1. Donation details - In the donation history section, just tap any donation to get see more details about the specific transaction.
  2. Donor statements - Official, church-issued donor statements are now available for viewing and download within the Church Center app. 
  3. Notification preferences - Have multiple email addresses? Prefer your donation communication to go to one address and not the other? Now you can set that preference  right within the app. You can also decide to turn off donation receipts if you'd rather not get an email every time your weekly recurring donation is triggered.

As always, changes and features like this are driven largely by your customer feedback. If you have a feature you'd like to see in Giving our team is always listening on the other side of the Helpdesk. Just tap the big ? in the top right on the administrative side Giving and let us know.

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