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We've applied a fresh coat of paint to the donor experience on the web! The updated aesthetic now matches the look of the mobile app and the rest of ChurchCenter.com. 

Donation Form

The donation form itself has a softer new look and does better at communicating when a donor is logged in. It feels great on mobile devices as well as full desktop browsers. Your church brand is still front and center. 


Note: the "Shareable Code" option is now listed in the bottom right and is included only on pages where it makes sense to have that option.

New Navigation

It's easier for your donors to move around Church Center on the web. Just click/tap the pulldown in the top right. 


"My Profile"

All contact information has now been consolidated into a "My Profile" page that is used by Giving, Groups, and Registrations on ChurchCenter.com. 


"My Giving"

In keeping with the mobile Church Center app, the donor profile has been renamed to "My Giving." Though it looks cleaner, the profile page functions almost identically to the last design. We've added a little content at the top of the page to help your donors understand all the ways they can give.



Improved Workflows

We've made some slight alterations to a couple key areas dealing with payment methods.

Apple Pay

If your organization has been approved for Apple Pay and you have enabled it, you'll see that the payment flow on the donor flow is a little more intuitive now. It works just like all the other payment methods and should feel familiar to anyone who has used this Safari-only feature.


Bank Account Verification

Over the past year, Plaid has increased the number banks and credit unions it supports to over 3,800 institutions across the US. We took a look in the database and found that over 75% of all donors who verify their bank account are now using Plaid to instantly verify their bank accounts.

That's great news for everyone. For the donor, it means they can continue doing what they came here to do – give. For your church, more donors using ACH means more saving on processing fees

As such, we've modified the bank-verification flow to encourage instant verification. Manual verification is, of course, still available for donors who can't use Plaid. 


We hope your donors enjoy the new look of Giving on ChurchCenter.com and that the added design consistency helps your members who make heavy use of ChurchCenter.com and the Church Center mobile app.

As always, we're here to answer any questions and respond to any issues. Just hit that ? in the top right of Giving, include the relevant details, and we'll get right on it. 

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