API News: Integration Guide and Move Donations Between Batches

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This update is for developers and companies that build applications and services that interface with Giving using the Planning Center API.  

Integration Guide

It can be hard to understand Planning Center purely through the API documentation. Figuring out the right “angle of attack” can be a challenge when building an integration. To help, we’ve created an integration guide specifically for Planning Center Giving. This should be helpful in doing two things:
  1. Providing a high level overview for concepts. Where the API documentation only explains the “how” this should speak more to the “what” and even some of the “why.” 
  2. Suggesting some approaches to common functions – how to look up donors, how to keep your donor database in sync with ours, how to account for profile merges, etc. Along the way, there is some sample code provided for your developers here as well. 

Move Donations Between Batches

You can now move donations between batches as needed. Although this action isn't possible in the actual application UI, we thought this restriction made some types of integrations unnecessarily complex.

You'll see the new relationship defined on the donation endpoint.

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