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When you join two donors in Planning Center Giving, you're essentially giving two donors access to each other's donation history and personal information.

Because of this, we feel that an email disclosure to the donors themselves is critical. First, it helps reinforce to the donors that you take their privacy and security seriously. Secondly, if you did make a mistake, it gives both donors an immediate opportunity to correct the mistake before they suddenly log in to find their donation history mixed with someone that isn't actually their spouse.

At the same time, some of our customers in the customer Slack community helped us understand that while the email disclosure is important, there needs to be some flexibility with the content. To that end, we've now made the email template customizable: 


We hope this helps!

~ Team Giving


PS: If you haven't joined the Slack community yet, it's a great place to talk to other Giving customers. Occasionally, our product team will chime in to provide some help or engage in a conversation. Your best bet for getting immediate help and submitting feature requests is still the Help Desk system in Giving itself, but the Slack community can be a good resource for topical conversations with other customers. 

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