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Do you develop applications or services that integrate with Planning Center Giving? If so, we've added some new capabilities to the Giving API.

This is all new functionality and there are no breaking changes to the existing API version. As of this writing, the current version of the API is "2018-08-01". These new endpoints can be found on the "BatchGroup" vertex.

1. Create/Update batch groups

Batch groups are used to associate a number of batches together. There are two reasons you may want to do this.

The first reason is performance. Instead of putting 10,000 donations in a single mega-batch (which brings the Giving user interface to a crawl), consider creating batches that have a max size of around 200 donations and then associating all the those batches into a group.

The second reason is organizational. Instead of adding a single batch that contains all kinds of donations, you might help your users out by splitting donations up into different batches and then associating them into a group. For example, instead of a single batch called "5/8/2019 My App Donations" you might have a group called "5/8/2019 My App Donations" which contains batches like "5/8/2019 Credit Card" and "5/8/2019 Debit Card." Batch groups open up new opportunities for better organization of imported donations.

2. Commit batch groups

As with individual batches, you can now commit a group of batches all at once.

In Giving, a committed batch is one that you consider "final" or "completed." Donations in committed batches will appear on a donor's history for their review and will be included in any donor statements issued from within Giving. 

3. Move batches between batch groups

As you might expect, now that you can manage batch groups, you can also move batches in and out of those groups to help your customers/users stay better organized.

For example, your application may have a concept of "settled" or "unsettled" donations. If so, you may employ a strategy where you move batches in and out of a "My App Settled" and "My App Unsettled" batch groups.


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