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When issuing statements, many donors prefer to have a single, combined statement with another donor in their household. To create a joint statement that includes combined donation history, you can join the donors in Giving.

Joining Donors

To join a donor to another donor, go to the People page in Giving, and in the Donors tab, click Join Donor next to a person’s name.


To find out which donors to join, sort the list by Last Name.


You can also join donors by going to a donor’s profile and clicking Join Donors.


Two donors can be joined whether or not they are members of the same household.

  • If the donor has a household set up in People, adult members of their household will be shown as suggested profiles to link with.

  • If the selected donor is not a part of a household, you can search for the name of the donor you'd like to link to. If that person doesn’t exist in your Giving database, you'll have the option to add them.

Once the correct profile is found, click Select to join the selected donor profiles.



If you know that there are other people in the person’s household that aren’t showing up, you can create a household for the person in People.

When donor profiles are joined, both donors will be notified via email. If needed, you can preview the email that will be sent to both donors before joining them.

When you are ready to join the donors and send that email, click Join and Notify Donors.


Here is an example of the email that is sent after donor profiles are joined:


After joining profiles, each person’s profile will show the name and profile image of the person who they give jointly with. Any pledges that either donor has made will be shared with their joint donor.


The joined donor profiles will also be indicated on the People page by showing the name of the joined profile in the Gives Jointly With column.


This link between profiles will also be indicated on donation lists throughout the product by a small link icon.


Disjoining Donors

If you want to remove the link between joined donors, go to one of those donor's profiles, click the name of the linked donor, and select Disjoin Donors.


When disjoined:

  • Each donor will receive an email unless one of the donors is deceased.

  • These profiles will no longer have access to their previously joined donation history.

  • Donations will be reattributed to the donor's profile who initiated that donation.

  • Each donor will receive their own separate donor statements.

Joint Statements

Joint donor statements are addressed to both donors and show their combined donation history for the statement date range.

If you issue statements by email, both donors will receive an identical joint statement at their primary email address. When print statements are generated, Giving will generate a joint statement for every primary mailing address on file.

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