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Just in time for issuing your 2018 donor statements! As of today, you can now issue statements to donors who give jointly. Just identify joint givers, issue statements as usual, and Giving will take care of the rest.

Joining Two Donors

A good starting place is the "People" tab within Giving. Here, you can go through your entire donor database and identify joint donors. Click the heading of this new column to sort the donors by their joint giving status.


Donors can also be joined from a donor's profile view. Just click the "Join Donor" button.


If the donor is part of a household in Planning Center People, Giving will suggest those people first. Joint donors don't have to be in the same household, but they often are. If the donor isn't in a household, you can search for your entire database for the right person. If they're not in your database at all, you can create the joint donor’s profile on the fly.


Once you have both donors in view, inspect the details to pull up some extra profile data and donation stats to make sure you have the correct two people.

Make your selection and review the email that will be sent to both donors, which notifies them that their donation history will now be shared. This disclosure is an important requirement. Click the "Join and Notify" button and you're done.

Joint Donor Statements

Just as you'd expect, joint donor statements are addressed to both donors and show their combined donation history for the statement date range.


If you issue statements by email, both donors will receive the identical joint statement at their primary email address. When print statements are generated, Giving will generate one joint statement for every primary mailing address on file.

Shared Donation History & Receipts

When two donors are joined, their donations will be combined into a single donation history. When one donor gives, it's as if both donors gave. Each will get a receipt in accordance with their personal communication preferences. 

Joint Donor Symbol

Throughout the administrative side of Giving, you'll see this little symbol whenever you're looking at a donation from a joint donor. 


More to Come

Although this initial release focuses on the issuing of joint donor statements, we have more features in the works! Combined donation history will be making its way into the Church Center App in the coming weeks. Also, we're currently working on a self-service system so your donors can establish joint giving relationships on their own.

Please let us know what you think and if you run into any issues issuing statements to joint donors. We're ready to help and we hope this feature helps you communicate with and celebrate all your donors! 

~ Team Giving

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