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You can get even more out of Giving by connecting it with other apps. Some apps have to be connected manually, but some are built into Giving already. Check out the Integrations page for a full list.

Connecting Third-Party Software

External platforms typically allow you to connect to Planning Center from their system, granting access to your Planning Center account from within the external account settings for that system.

Once a third-party system has been connected to Giving, donations added by that system will identify themselves as a Payment Source in Giving.

Go to the Payment Sources tab on the Manage page to see your active payment sources.


After an external Payment Source is added (whether manually by you or automatically after connecting a new third-party integration), you'll see a new column added to the table of donations throughout Giving. This new column will show you the Payment Source for each donation.

payment source_box.png


The integrations listed here are third-party integrations. That means pricing, functionality, and support are all controlled by the companies that built the integration.

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