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If your organization uses numbers to identify donors, you can assign and manage donor numbers in Giving.

Enable and Assign Donor Numbers

Before donor numbers can be assigned, this feature must be enabled within your Giving settings.

Enable donor numbers from the Manage page Settings tab by checking the box to Use donor numbers.


Once enabled, you can assign a number to a donor from their profile page.

Click the box that shows a # symbol to the left of the donor's name, and then enter the donor number.


Search by Donor Number

After assigning the number, you can search for a person by donor number from the People page or when entering donations in Batches.

To search, type # in the search field, and then enter the donor number.


Export Donor Numbers

From the Donors tab on the People page, you can download a CSV file with information on all the donors, including donor numbers.


Donor numbers are not displayed on the People page, but they are included as the first column in the CSV export file.

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