Logging in to the Donor System

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Log in to the Giving donation system to manage your donations. The donor system uses email authentication to log in to your donor profile instead of passwords.

Once you log in, you stay logged in for fourteen days from your last activity.

When you are logged into the donation system, you have access to:

  • Your donor profile, where you can make changes to your giving options.
  • Your saved payment information on the donor portal.

From your ChurchCenter page, choose Give Online.

You can either choose to log in from your donor profile or from the donor portal. Either way, you'll have access to both sites once you are logged in.

Logging in to Your Donor Account

To log in to your donor profile, choose Login in the upper left corner.

Enter your email address, and click Send me a login link.

When you click the log in link in the email, you will be taken to your donor profile,, where you can change your profile information or giving options.

If you are logged into the donor portal, you can also access your donor profile by clicking the My Profile link in the top left of the page.

Logging in to the Donor Portal

If you start to enter your donation without logging into your donor profile, you'll have the option to log in after you enter your email address and press Continue.

Clicking this link will automatically send you an email with a log in link.

When you click on the link in the email, you will be taken back to the donor portal, where you will have the option to use a saved payment method to make your donation.

You can also access your saved payment method in the donor portal if you are logged into your donor profile by clicking the Donate link in the top left of the page.

The login link will expire after 30 minutes, but once you select it, you'll stay logged in until you don't have activity for fourteen days. Bookmark the page, so when you want to access your giving, group, or event again, you don't have to ask for a password link again!

Why Use Email Authentication to Log In?

Passwords aren't secure or simple because they're reused, making them weak, and with passwordless login, people don't have to create an account--all they need is an email address.

Email authentication is something that’s starting to be adopted by more services like Medium and Square Cash. It has a few advantages over traditional passwords.

However, it is slightly slower to log in with an email link. People are typically already logged into their email on their own devices, so the process is pretty quick there; but, if they're using someone else’s phone or a public computer, they'll have to use the link in their email.

Check out this video for more information!

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