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We've added a new "Communication" tab to the donor profile in Planning Center Giving.

This new screen will show all the email sent to and from a specific donor. Just click the message to review the content. The donor's email preferences has also been moved to this new screen.


We built this screen because so many donor-specific questions can be answered by reviewing the emails that were sent to the donor from the Giving system.

For example: let's say you noticed that a recurring monthly donor stopped giving a couple months ago. Seeing the emails sent to this donor might give you a clue as to what happened. Maybe you'll see a confirmation email that the donor deleted their recurring donation. Perhaps you'll see alerts sent from Giving, notifying the donor that their card has expired. 

Haven't I seen this before?

Yes! This same type of view exists in Planning Center People. In People, the Communication screen pulls in all the emails from all Planning Center applications. Planning Center Services and, more recently, Planning Center Groups also have an app-specific Communications view.

This captures all email?

This obviously can't log email sent to donors outside of Planning Center Giving. This is only a history of communications within the Giving system.

It also won't capture emails that don't have a specific "from" user. For example, if you send annual statements to your donors over email, the statement emails don't come "from" the specific Giving admin that triggered the statement delivery email. After all, it's the organization that's issuing the statements – not you the specific administrator. You'll see those statement emails in the "To" history of each statement recipient, but you won't see it in the "from" history of the administrator that triggered the bulk email. 

What about bulk emails?

Messages sent to multiple people are grouped together. That means that on the People tab in Giving, if you send an email to 100 selected donors, you'll see it in your message history on a single line. 

What about text messages?

In this first version of the Communication tab, we're not including text messages issued to/from the text-to-give system. If that's something you'd like to see, let us know using the in-app helpdesk system.

We hope you enjoy this feature!

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