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Occasionally, we'll receive a support tickets that says something like "How do I email a donor?"  Which is curious, since the donor email address sits right underneath the donor's name on the profile page!

After some investigation, we learned that what people were really asking for is a way to email donors from within the application. Aside from a desire for consistency (both Services and People work this way) there are a few other motivations: 

  1. Sometimes, it's nice to email donors in an "official" type of capacity. Giving will send the email with the template donors are used to seeing. The email will include a login link and you'll have the option of setting the reply-to address.
  2. Sometimes, you want a record of the email that was sent. When email is sent through the Giving system, that email is always logged to the communications tab for that donor (viewable to Giving admins in Planning Center People). 
  3. Sometimes, you don't want to fire up your email program. It's annoying to have to copy & paste and email address into another application just to send a quick email to a donors.

All you have to do now is click, compose, and send:


Let us know what you think! As always, our team is at the other end of the contact form in the in-app helpdesk. Look for the big (?).


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