Update: Donor Profile Design

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Some new features are making their way to the donor profile page on the administrative side of Planning Center Giving. There's just one problem: we're out of space! Over the past few years, the profile page has become somewhat cluttered.

So, we've cleaned up this layout a bit.

New layout:


  • We've ditched the right-hand sidebar, allowing the list of donations to be full-width (like it is everywhere else in Giving).
  • The donor number (if you've enabled this feature in Settings) is now editable inline. Just click and edit.
  • The text in the header is all a bit darker and should be easier to read.
  • The donor mailing address has been moved into the main header where it's easier to find at a glance.
  • The contact preferences and a few utilities related to profiles have all been tucked into drop-downs in the top right (stealing some design elements from the new profile page in People).
  • Green status messages now will appear in the header if the donor has established recurring donations or text-to-give.

Old layout (for reference):




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