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Payment methods should be easy for your donors to manage. Recently, we released a set of improvements to the way credit and debit cards are handled by Giving. Today we've brought similar types of improvements to ACH bank accounts.

Gracefully handling incompatible bank accounts.

Not all bank accounts are able to accept ACH deposits. For these bank accounts, Stripe's micro-deposits (used in the account verification process) simply fail. In those cases, we'll notify the donor by email with further instructions. Since Stripe's recommendation, in those case, is to remove and re-add the bank account to try again, we'll automatically remove that bank account that wasn't able to accept incoming ACH deposits.

Detecting duplicate bank accounts.

Sometimes, a donor verifies a bank account via bank login (provided by Plaid). Then, they mistakenly add that same bank account via micro-deposit verification (provided by Stripe). The issue here is that Stripe, doesn't understand these bank accounts are actually the same bank account. To fill the gap, we've added duplicate account detection for bank accounts. When a duplicate is detected, we'll let the donor know and show them where it already exists in their donor account.

Preventing unnecessary account verification.

People make mistakes. Sometimes donors try to verify a bank account that's already started the verification process. In this case, Giving will now politely tell them they don't need to take this action, briefly explain why, and then drop them off in the right spot. 

With these changes, and similar improvements with the handling of cards, our hope is that donors won't have to think about the mechanics of adding and verifying their bank accounts. When they do make mistakes, our hope is that they get nudged back onto the right path.





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