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Today we added a new pie chart to the dashboard! It's kind of the spiritual successor to the old "Online/Offline" pie chart that used to live on the dashboard – one that didn't make as much sense after we launched Payment Sources last year. If you're interested, you can read the gritty details of that below.*

This new chart will tell you how many donations came in through Stripe versus how many came through Batches. Like other sections of the dashboard, you can view this data across any date range and view the comparison by sum, percentage, and average size of donation. If Planning Center Giving is your only donation management system, you can think of the Stripe number as your "online" donations.


*The gritty details:

Last year, we introduced the concept of a Payment Source which we released in conjunction with the Giving API. Payment sources allow you to define systems, external to Planning Center Giving, where donations originally occurred. That means that credit card, debit debit, and bank transfers from sources like Paypal, Square, and other payment platforms can be added to Giving in batches (either manually by you or programmatically using an API integration).

Payment sources made Giving more flexible, they also made things more complex. "Online" donations (cards and ACH payments) were no longer necessarily "Stripe" donations.

So, what is a payment "channel" then? It's easier to see what this term means in the context of the others:

  • Payment Method: The form of the actual payment (check, credit card, debit card, prepaid card, or ACH).
  • Payment Source: The system that originally processed the donation (Planning Center, Paypal, Square, Pushpay, Tithely, etc).
  • Payment Channel: The way the donation actually got into Giving. This could be Stripe (via the churchecenter donor portal) or in a batch (whether added manually or programmatically imported via the API).

Payment channels have always been a concept in the backend code of Giving, but we thought it would be useful to surface it here in the dashboard to answer one simple question: how many donations are coming in through Stripe as compared to donations coming in through Batches?

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