Change: Better Action Buttons & Hints

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When you click on an individual donation in Giving, you're brought to what we call the "donation details" screen. On this screen you're able to take a number of actions on the donation (like cancelling it, refunding it, reassigning it to a different donor, and more). 

We've recently improved these buttons in three ways. First, we've improved the naming of these buttons to be more specific to the exact donation you're looking at. They're now more bespoke to the donation's payment method, payment source, and current status. Second, every actionable button now has a hint to help answer the most common question about that action. Lastly, instead of hiding buttons that aren't relevant for the donation you're looking at, we're now showing some of these action buttons in a disabled state, and then providing a hint as to why that button isn't usable within the context of that donation. 


Editing, refunding, canceling, or reattributing a donation isn't something you need to do often. Hopefully, this will bring some additional clarity and confidence when you need to take one of those actions. 

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