New: Statement Pre-Flight Warning

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This new feature is pretty simple, but should help you avoid one of the more common issues we saw during this past "statement season" (January and February, when most churches send out their annual donor statements). 

When sending donor statements, we want to be sure that only successful, deductible donations are included. That means there are a few types of donations that do not show up on a donor's statement:

  • Donations that were refunded.
  • Donations that failed.
  • Donations sitting in batches that haven't been committed
  • ACH donations that are still in-transit in the banking system.

Now, Giving will warn you if there are any un-committed or in-transit donations that will be excluded from the statement you're about to email or print. Here's what the yellow warning looks like:



When this warning is present, you'll know you need to wait a few days for transactions to settle or inspect a batch that you forgot to commit. 

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