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UPDATE 3/22/2018:

It turns out we were wrong about all the keyboard shortcuts being broken on Windows. We've re-enabled the two that seem to work fine: alt+c ("Cancel donation") and alt+n ("Next donation"). 


Today we had to make the difficult decision of pulling support for keyboard shortcuts for Windows. These exist on the Batch tool within Giving. When combined with "Batch Defaults" they let you skip directly from input to input without having to tab through the ones in between.

Example (on Mac OS):


Why use a "modifier key"?

In other applications, like Planning Center Services, keyboard shortcuts use a single key, like "A" or "D" or "E." Since they're primarily being used for navigation, toggling things, or setting statuses for different elements, you can immediately hit these single keys to activate the shortcut.

In the context of the Batch tool, you're bouncing between text inputs that are immediately active when you jump to them. So, pressing N would literally put an "N" in the input. So, we have to use a "modifier" key like control, alt, function, or command. 

We're out of options on Windows.

On Mac OS, the control key is left alone by the operating system, so it's up for grabs. We can reliably use control as a modifier key and trust that the web browser or the operating system itself isn't hijacking the key press.

It's a different story in Windows. Here, the control key is reserved for lower-level operating system shortcuts (control+c is "copy", control+v is "paste", control+n is "open a new browser tab", etc). The alt key is also reserved for operating system shortcuts (this wasn't the case when we first launched Giving years ago). The function key isn't even detectable by the web browser. 

So, until we can find a solution to this, we're out of luck on Windows keyboard shortcuts in the web browser.


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