01/26/2018 Changelog

Hello 2018! We've been at work refining some things in preparation for what's ahead. Here's an update.

Enhancements and Fixes

CHANGE: People Lists Based on Giving Rules - This one is kind of a big deal. While using Giving List conditions in Planning Center People, the results will now ONLY show succesful donations. Pending and refunded donations are no longer defined as "a donation" when adjusting list conditions. This might alter some Lists and may give you some surprising results when running them. Make sure you're following best practices, especially when it comes to committing Batches, so these lists are more accurate.

NEW: CSV Downloads in Statements -  Now you can download a CSV file of all the donors being sent a statement (whether by email or print or both). If you're planning on doing a mail merge with another application, this will make life much easier. 

FIX: People Page CSV Export - There was an issue when filtering "Show only new donors during date range" on the People Tab. While viewing just these donors, opting to export a CSV file was exporting all donors for that selected date range, rather than only the new donors you were viewing. That's been addressed.

FIX: Filter Functionality Restored to Batches - Another CSV related issue, was filtering within Batches. When filters were applied, exporting gave you all the Batch data rather than what you filtered to. That too has been fixed and exports will reflect your filters.  

FIX: Payment Sources in Print View - With a log of payment sources defined, they would run into each other on the print view. Now they don't!

FIX: ACH Donation Receipts - A while ago we introduced the ability to cancel ACH donations 2 hours after they're made. This caused an issue where the donaton receipt was delayed for those 2 hours. Now those donation receipts will be sent immediately after the donor gives.


As the New Year gets underway, we'd love your feedback, as well as additional feature requests you'd like to see. Send your comments or suggestions by clicking the (?) in the upper right of the app. Bye for now!

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