Recurring Donations

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Donors can set up automatic recurring donations that occur at a set frequency. Administrators can also set up or edit a recurring donation on a donor's behalf.

Set up Recurring Donations

A donor can set up a recurring donation when they give, or an Admin can set it up for a donor from a donor's profile.


When a donor gives from your church's giving site or the Church Center app, they have the option to set up a recurring donation.

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Admins can add a new donation for a donor from the Recurring tab of a donor's profile.

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Administrators can choose to be notified when new recurring donations are created by enabling notifications in their profile.

Admin-only Funds

For Admin only funds:

  • New recurring donations can be set up by Administrators, but since donors can't see these funds, donors can't donate to them from donor interface.

  • If a recurring donation is set up and the selected fund's visibility is changed to Admin Only, those donations will continue to be processed based on their scheduled frequency.

Edit Recurring Donations

Donors can edit the recurring donation from My Giving on Church Center, and Admins can also make changes for donors from the Admin side.


A donor can update their recurring donations by logging into their donor profile on Church Center.

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  1. Add new recurring donations.

  2. View the status of existing donations.

  3. Edit a recurring donation's payment method or frequency. Donors can also put recurring donations on hold temporarily, permanently, or delete them altogether.

  4. See notifications about issues with a recurring donation.


The donor can only update the recurring amount from the Church Center mobile app.


An Admin can edit the recurring donations on a donor's behalf in the Recurring tab on the person's profile.

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When the recurring donation is updated, the donor will receive an email informing them of the change.

Recurring Donation Failures

A recurring donation may fail for a number of reasons, such as:

  • The account has insufficient funds.

  • The card is invalid.

  • The payment method was removed.

  • The donor's own bank rejects the transaction.

If there's a problem processing a donation, a notification will be sent to the donor. Any Administrators who have those notifications enabled in their profile will also be alerted.

The system will not automatically retry the donation for the date it failed. It will, however, attempt the same donation on the next scheduled date.

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After receiving a failure message, the donor can click the link in the failure message to log in to their profile and do any of the following:

  • Fix the issue (which usually means updating the payment method).

  • Put the donation on hold.

  • Delete the recurring donation.

If a donor fixes the issue and they'd like to recover a failed donation, they can create a one-time donation for that month.

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