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It’s been seven years since we introduced Apple Pay on Planning Center Giving. We were proud to be the first known church-focused donation platform to support Apple Pay back then. Today, we're excited to share another update.

In the past, Apple had several restrictions for using Apple Pay to collect donations. While some of these restrictions still exist, they are now largely tied to the specific use of the Donate with Apple Pay button. We’ve worked with our payment processor, Stripe, to switch to a more generic Apple Pay button for a more simple (and still compliant) Apple Pay setup. 

Key Updates:

  • Admin Setting Removed: We've dropped the setting related to Apple Pay within Giving.
  • Native In-App Payments: Every payment, including those made with Apple Pay, will now be processed directly inside the Church Center mobile app. There's no more switching to mobile Safari for the final step.
  • Instantly Available: For new customers, Apple Pay is ready to go upon signup. For existing customers, Apple Pay is now active.

We're so excited about these changes. Not only do they make life easier for your admins, but they also create a more fluid, hassle-free donating experience for your generous donors. Here's to making Giving easier and more accessible for everyone!

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