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If your church is using Planning Center Giving to process donations, you can donate from your computer or web browser using your church's giving site. You can also give from your phone from Church Center or Text2Give, if your church has these features enabled!


Text2Give is not available in Canada.

Check out this video for an overview of the online giving process, and then read the rest of the article for more information.

Making a Donation

If you are accessing your church's donation form through a direct link, you can donate without first logging in to Church Center.

If you give via the mobile app, you'll need to log in to Church Center, then tap the Give button to access the donation form. If you don't see the Give button right away, tap on the More button.

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Church Center automatically creates a donor profile for you after you donate to your church the first time. This gives you access to manage your personal information.

1. Enter Donation Information


On the web, you can donate to multiple funds on the donation form.

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2. Choose your Payment Method

After entering your donation information, add a payment method for your donation.

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You can choose from previously saved payment methods by logging in to Church Center.

If you are not using a saved payment method for your donation, you can add a new bank account (US only) or add a debit/credit card. If you're using Safari on Mac or iOS, you will also have the option to donate using Apple Pay (your church must enable this feature).

Give with Bank Account (US Only)

Giving with a bank account (EFT) is not currently supported for Canada.

US donors can verify and save their bank account to use when donating. When you give with a bank account, the processing fees are lower than when you give with a credit card. However, the funds will take 4 business days to get to your church.


When giving with a bank account for the first time, you will have to verify that you own the bank account. Your account will be saved to your donor profile so that you won't have to verify account ownership every time you give.

Select Add bank account, and then choose instant or manual, depending on how you want to verify your bank account.

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  1. Instant verification will allow you to donate that same day. Accounts with most major banks can be verified instantly.

  2. Manual verification uses micro-deposits to verify your account and might take a few days to complete. You'll need to use manual verification if you can't find your bank when you search for it using the instant verification process.


With micro-deposit verification, the bank deposits a couple of small amounts into your account. Depending on the type of micro-deposit verification, you might need to manually verify your account in the same day you initiate the verification. You will need log in to verify each of the amounts deposited to your bank to complete the verification.

Once your bank account is verified, you can donate using that payment method.

Give with Debit/Credit Card

You can give using most major debit/credit cards, though your church has the option to disable credit card giving. If credit cards are disabled, you can still give using a debit or pre-paid card.


While all major credit cards are supported for Canadian organizations, only a limited number of debit cards will work. Visa Debit is supported, but Interac ATM cards or any card without a 3 or 4 digit CVC code will not.

Enter your card number, expiration date, CVC code, and zip code.

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If you are giving using Church Center web, you'll have the option to save your card to your donor profile. In Church Center app, your card information will be automatically saved.

Optionally choose to cover the processing fee, and then select Give now.

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Give Using Apple Pay

If your church has Apple Pay enabled, you can use Apple devices (Safari on iPhones, iPads, and Mac) to donate using your credit or debit card without having to enter the full details of your card.

If Apple Pay is available, it will appear at the bottom of your donation form, as shown in this example:

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Update Your Giving Information

Church Center automatically creates a donor profile for you after you donate to your church the first time.

You can log in to your donor profile to update payment methods or recurring payments, view your donation history, access tax statements, and set communication preferences.

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