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Your church's donation form for Planning Center Giving is hosted on, using a unique web address (a combination of their selected URL and where you can give online. You can also choose to log in to access saved pay methods or your donor profile.

The Giving donation form is available on both the Church Center web and mobile app

Select Shareable Code at the bottom of the donation form page to view and download a QR code. You can scan this QR code to be brought straight to this page without having to type the URL.

Video Overview

Watch the video below for a walk-through of the online giving process.

Share video with church members

You can use the videos below to introduce your donors to the donor interface.

The following video shows how to give from your church website.

Download the video from the export button on the toolbar or share a link with your donors!

Enter Donation Information

On your church's donation form, you can give a one-time gift, set up a recurring donation, or save payment methods to your profile.

You don't need to download a new app or create an account; simply fill out the fields, and your information will be saved to your donor profile.

donation information
Recurring Donations

If you decide to give regularly, you can choose the frequency of the donation and the date that the recurring donation starts.

You can log in to your donor profile at any time to update your recurring donation frequency.

Select Continue to finish your donation.

Choose your Payment Method

After entering your donation information, you can choose if you'd like to give using your bank account, debit/credit card, and, on supported devices, Apple Pay. 

If you've donated before, you can log in to give with a saved payment method. If this is your first time donating, or you haven't saved a payment method in the past, fill out your payment information by clicking Bank account or Debit/credit card.

In order to give using the Church Center mobile app or Text-to-Give, you must have at least one payment method saved to your profile.

add a payment method to donor profile

Give with Bank Account

When choosing to give with a bank account, keep the following in mind:

  • When you give with a bank account, the processing fees are lower than when you give with a credit card. However, the funds will take longer to get to your church (3-5 business days).
  • You will have to verify that you own the bank account.
  • When you donate using a bank account the first time, your account is saved to your donor profile, so that you won’t have to verify account ownership every time you give.

Planning Center does not store your bank account log in information or account number.

choose how to add a bank account

You can either verify your bank account instantly by logging in to your bank account (for most major banks) or verify your bank account using micro-deposits.

Bank login

If you choose Instantly verify your account, you can search for or select your bank from the list.

choose bank

Log in using your online banking credentials. Once you sign in, choose the account (checking or savings, for example) you'd like the donation to come from.

If the account is verified, you'll be taken back to the Giving page to complete your donation.

  1. Check the box if you want to cover the processing fee for the donation. This option will only appear if your church has enabled this feature. This is a US-only feature, so is not available for Canadian customers.
  2. Click Give to submit your donation.

If you do not bank with one of the listed institutions, you can still log in and verify your bank through micro-deposit verification.

Micro-deposit verification

If you can't find your bank, or the instant verification failed, use this alternate method of verifying your bank account.

After you initiate micro-deposit verification, the bank will deposit a couple of small deposit into your account over a few days. You can then verify each of these amounts to confirm that the connection is successful.

1. Submit Routing and Account Numbers

Once you select Micro-deposit verification, you'll be prompted to choose an account type and enter your routing and account numbers, both of which can be found on the bottom of a check.

After adding the account, you will receive two deposits to your account within a few days. Check your email to find more information about next steps.

process email

2. View Micro-Deposits in Account

Some banks show these micro-deposits within a day or two, but some take a little longer. A few days after posting the micro-deposits, Stripe will recoup those deposits in a single withdrawal, and we'll send you an email reminding you to verify your bank account.

Log in to your bank account and look for these transactions. Here are some examples of what these deposits might look like:


Once the deposits and withdrawal have gone through, you'll receive an email reminding you to go to your donor profile to verify those amounts.

3. Enter Deposit Amounts

A week after you initiate the micro-deposit, you'll receive an email from your church, reminding you to verify your bank account.

verify bank account

Click Access my donor profile in the email to log in to your donor profile.

In your profile, select Verify next to the bank account to add that bank account to your profile.

If the deposited amounts match, the account will be verified and will appear when you give your next donation.

If your deposits do not appear in your bank account or are entered incorrectly to lock your account, the best option is to start this process over again. You will have 10 chances to enter correct deposit amounts before the verification process fails.

A Giving Administrator can also verify the bank account from the Pay Methods tab on the donor's profile. They will need the micro-deposit amounts in order to verify the account.

Once your bank account is verified, you can select it as a payment method to make a donation. However, until your bank account is verified, it will not show as an option to choose when giving.

Canadian Customers: Giving with a bank account (EFT) is not currently supported in Canada.

Give with Debit/Credit Card

If you choose Debit/credit card, you can give using most credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

debit/credit card
  1. Enter your credit card number, expiration date, and CVC code.
  2. If you plan on using this card in the future, check the box to save your card to your donor profile. This is optional, but can speed up the donation process for for any future donations.
  3. Check the box if you want to cover the processing fee for the donation. This option will only appear if your church has enabled this feature. This is a US-only feature, so is not available for Canadian customers.
  4. Click Give to submit your donation.

If your organization does not accept donations by credit card, the card selection button will read Debit card instead of Debit/credit card. In this case, you'll only be able to use a debit card or any card that has a pre-paid balance.

Canadian Customers: While all major credit cards are supported for Canadian organizations, only a limited number of debit cards will work. Visa Debit is supported, but Interac ATM cards or any card without a 3 or 4 digit CVC code will not.

Give Using Apple Pay

Planning Center Giving supports Apple Pay.

If your church has Apple Pay enabled, you can use Apple devices (iPhones, iPads, and Safari on Mac) to donate using your credit or debit card without having to enter the full details of your card.

It's fast, simple, and more secure because it uses your devices built-in authentication system (i.e. Touch ID or Face ID) to verify the payment method.

On your desktop, Apple Pay only works on recent versions of Safari. On mobile, Apple Pay works on mobile Safari, which is the native web browser used by Apple devices (like iPhone and iPad).  

View and Change Giving Preferences

To view and change your receipt preferences, payment methods, or donation options or download giving history and statements, you will need to first log into your profile.

Log in to My Giving

Click the face at the top right corner of the donation form, and then click Log in.

Enter your mobile number and click Next.

If you don't want to use a mobile number, click Use email address instead to send the verification code to your email address. For users outside of the USA or Canada, using an email address is the only option.

Enter the code that was sent to your phone and click Next.

To make changes to your donation options, verify your bank account, or view your giving history, click your profile picture, and then choose My Giving.

View or Change Preferences

Scroll down to view or change your giving options.

Update notifications and receipt preferences.


Add or delete saved payment methods.

Payment methods

Edit recurring donation frequency or add a recurring donation.

Recurring Donation

Download Donation History and Statements

View and download donation history.

Donation history

Download giving statements.

Donation Receipts

Once you've completed your donation, you will receive an emailed receipt with details about your donation. 

  1. Access your donor profile to manage contact information, donation history, statements, Text-to-Give settings, and payment methods.
  2. Click this link to manage your receipt and email preferences from your donor profile. From the donor profile, you can choose which email address you want donation emails sent to or opt out of donation receipt emails. 
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