Manually Importing Historical Donations

Planning Center Giving allows your church to collect donations quickly and inexpensively on multiple platforms. The goal of this service is to replace the need for multiple donation systems. However, we also understand that it's hard to completely switch donation platforms all at once.

Short term solution: Cash Donations & Labels

If you're already a customer and you need a way of bringing external donations (PayPal, PushPay, etc) into the Giving system, you can do this through the use of Batches. It's a bit awkward, but it will get the job done until the long term solution is in place.

Example of counting external donations from PushPay:

  1. Create a custom label called "PushPay"
  2. Open a new Batch
  3. Count all your PushPay donations in a given period, making sure to add donors when needed and notes that will be helpful later. Count these donations as cash donations and make sure the "received date" matches the date the person actually gave. Also make sure that each donation is labeled with the "PushPay" label. Hint: use Batch Defaults to make this easier.
  4. When you're finished counting, commit the batch.
  5. By default, donors are emailed a receipt when their cash and check donations are committed. Since the donors already received a receipt for these PushPay donations, they shouldn't be issued one now. To disable these receipts for these donations, head to the "settings" link in the top right and check the item "Do not email receipts to donors when committing a batch." (Example)
  6. Be sure to re-enable the "Email receipts for cash and check donations" setting to resume sending email receipts for regular cash & check batches.

The result will be a committed Batch that represents an import of PushPay donations, with the correct dates and donors, but counted as cash donations. Since they aren't actually cash, your dashboard will be thrown off when it comes to the payment method stats. When we finish our upcoming work on Batches (see below) you'll be able to rectify this by filtering for donations with the PushPay label.

Long term solution: Historical & Import Batches

We plan on making some significant changes to how Batches currently function.

Currently: a Batch is a set of physical donations (cash or check).  

In the future: a Batch will be a set of any type of donation. The payment source will be editable and can be marked as cash, check, card, or even imports from external donation systems such as Paypal, PushPay, etc.

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