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There are multiple ways to contact donors in Planning Center Giving. This article explains all the ways you can get in touch with your donors.

So you're on the Giving Dashboard and you see you have some new donors... but you don't know who they are, or you want to contact them and say thanks. This article will show you how to see who those new donors are and how to send them an email from your People application.

Method 1: The donor list.

This is the quickest and most direct way to send your donors an email. Here's where to find it and how to use it:

And here's what that email looks like:

Method 2: Statement delivery

If the primary reason you're contacting donors is to issue them a statement of their giving, then you'll want to issue Donor Statements in Giving. In the process of creating and delivering those statements, you'll be able to create an attractive cover letter for each of your donors - whether you send statements by email or by post.

Method 3: Lists in Planning Center People

This method uses the powerful lists feature in Planning Center People to generate a list of donors from any number of criteria across any date range. Where the donor list (Method 1 above) provides a few simple filters, the filters in Planning Center People lists are more robust. You can even combine multiple filters and blend them with filters from other Planning Center applications.

Switch from Giving to People to view People lists. If you don't have access to People, you'll want to ask an Org Admin from your account to give you access. 

1. Create your list

Once you've navigated to People, create a list. More about lists in Planning Center People. Click the Lists tab at the top of the screen, and then hit Create New List. From there, you can define however many filters you'd like.

2. Contact the donors in the list

Once your list has been submitted, the list will be populated with all the matching results. From there, you can select the "Actions" dropdown in the top right of your screen. Click "Send Email" and you'l be ready to contact the list of donors.

Note: Bulk emailing is accomplished through an integration with MailChimp.

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