Contacting Donors

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You can contact donors by sending them an email from the donor list in Giving or through a People list.


Emails will be sent to the primary email address, except in the case of Account settings. Accounts sends an email to every email address listed on an Organization Administrator or Billing Manager's profile.

Reports By Donor

The most direct way to send your donors an email is through the donor list found on the By Donor tab of Reports.

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  1. Select the assigned campus and date range, then filter by fund, label, stamp, or payment source.

  2. Check this box to display only new donors within the set date range and filters.

  3. Click the Email Donors button to email donors in the filtered list.

Fill out the email subject and body, and then click Send Email.

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You can view the donor's communication history and email preferences from their profile.

Lists in People App

If you have access to the People app, you can use the powerful lists feature to generate a list of donors from any number of criteria across any date range. You can even combine multiple filters and blend them with filters from other Planning Center applications.


This process requires access to People. If you don't have access, ask another Administrator to take this step or to give you permission.

If this is the first time you will create a list in People, see the Lists Overview article for detailed instructions.

1. Switch to the People app

Use the product switcher to switch from Giving to People.


2. Create a List

On the Lists page, click New List, and then set up filters to create a list of people that you want to email.

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3. Contact the Donors in the List

Once your list has been created, the list will be populated with all the matching results.

Click the envelope icon, and then compose the email to send to the list.



For a styled email, use the integration with MailChimp.

Undelivered Emails

There are various reasons why an email might have not been delivered. You can see a list of all the emails a person has received through Planning Center from the Communication tab on their profile page. If an email is dropped, open the email and hover over the "Dropped" text to see the specific reason for the email being dropped.



To learn more about what specific error codes entail, check out Email Error Codes.

If someone mentions they didn't receive an email, or you see that an email failed to be delivered to them, try these things:

  • Check Planning Center People to make sure their email address isn't blocked.

  • Ask the person to add,, and to their email address book, which allowlists them.

If neither of these help, contact support by clicking the ? in the top right corner of the app.

Allowlisting Emails

Allowlisting an email tells your email provider to place emails from certain senders into your inbox, rather than marking those emails as spam. Doing this will help you and your congregation avoid the need to go through your spam or junk folder in order to find emails from Planning Center.

Allowlisting may look a little different in each email provider, but the basic process involves adding these three domains to your address book:

Click on the link that correlates with your email provider to learn how to allowlist email addresses in your email account:

After allowlisting those email addresses, Planning Center emails will always show up in your inbox, and these important emails won't slip through the cracks!

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