Anonymous & Business Donors

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Anonymous Donors

When processing a batch, you can attribute a check or cash donation as an anonymous gift by typing the word "anonymous" as the donor name.

When it comes to an online donation, there is no notion of an anonymous donation. Online donations require an email address (so the donor can be issued a receipt). Because of this requirement, there are no truly anonymous donations in terms of the traceability of a gift. The Donor Receipt must go somewhere.

Business Donors

In PCO Giving, it's easy to track donor accounts for businesses. Donor accounts are a unique combination of two things – a donor's name and their email address. You will need the same for a Business Donor.

Example of a personal donor account:

First Name:  Gene
Last Name:  Parmesan

Example of that same person's business donor account:

First Name:  Gene
Last Name:  Parmesan


By taking the above approach, Gene can maintain 2 PCO Giving accounts. That means he'll receive email receipts at different email addresses each time he gives. He'll also receive 2 end of year statements and, using his email address, he'll be able to log into ChurchCenterOnline and donate using different payment methods (to avoid commingling his personal and business accounts).

Tip: When running a search for Gene, your administrators will see two donors with the same name. To let your other admins know that this is expected (they should not be merged), make sure to add a note to Gene's donor profiles.

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