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A donor's profile contains contact information for the person, along with their payment methods, past donations, and history of communications within Giving.

Access a Profile

On the People page, find a donor profile by searching for a name, phone number, or donor number on the Donors tab. If the person does not appear in the search, you can add them as a new person.



To learn how profiles are added, merged, and removed from your database, check out the Managing Donors article.

Profile Overview

  1. Update the profile photo.

  2. Use the Actions menu to update their contact information, view their information in Stripe (if available), add a donor note for other Admins to view, or delete their profile.


    Donor notes are only accessible to Administrators and Bookkeepers on a person's profile.

  3. Join the donor with another donor so that you can see their combined donation history and generate joint statements.

  4. The primary tabs on the donor profile are:

    • Donations: This tab shows the donor's entire donation history. At the right of the tab, there's a New Donation button, which you can use to process a manual donation for a donor with a saved payment method.

    • Pledges: If your church has a pledge campaign, you can add a pledge for the donor and view their active pledges. This tab will be hidden if your church doesn't have a pledge campaign.

    • Recurring: This tab shows recurring donations that the donor has set up.

    • Pay Methods: If the donor has opted to save a card or bank account to their profile or set up recurring donations, their payment methods will show here.

    • Communication: This tab includes all emails sent to the donor via the Giving system.


A note will show on a donor's profile if they are inactive.

Donation History

The donations section of a donor's profile shows an itemized list of donations. You can hover over the colors to the left of the donation date to view status details. Possible colors include:

Successful donations don't have a color tag to the left of the date.



If the donation is marked yellow or crossed out, it won't appear in any donor statements. Only successful, completed donations are listed in donor statements.

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